La partita di basket più bella di sempre

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È stata giocata nel 1992, ed è durata cinque, meravigliosi, minuti. Purtroppo non abbiamo testimonianze video, solo il racconto dei pochissimi che ebbero la fortuna di assistervi.

On Wednesday, July 22, the West (Magic, Drexler, Robinson, Malone and Barkley) lined up opposite the East (Bird, Jordan, Pippen, Ewing, Mullin*, and Laettner) for an in-practice scrimmage. Magic, feeling particularly spry, sparked his team to an early 14-2 advantage with a dazzling display of artistic passes: after driving to the hole, he sneered good-naturedly, “Hey, M.J., you better get with it”

Jordan’s fist clenched. He called for the ball, drove to the basket, elevated, then dunked it trough.

“That good enough for you?” he said.

Pippen immediately perked up when saw Jordan’s suddenly glowering visage.

“Y’all have done it now”, Pippen said, grimming.

Jordan swarmed the West team with traps and full-court pressure. He jumped the passing lanes, knocked down one-handed slams, pushed Magic off the block, and hit fadeaways, barking at the West’s suddendly impotent squad as he continued his scoring rampage. Within minutes, the score was tied. Johnson, rankled by the calls (or no calls) of the coaching staff, complained, “It’s like I’m in Chicago Stadium! They moved it to Monte Carlo!”

“Welcome to the 90’s” Jordan retorted.[…]

When the “regulation” scrimmage ended in a tie, both Jordan and Johnson instructed their respective teams to remain on the floor.

“We’re going again” Jordan said.

“No,” Daily interjected “We don’t need any more injuries.”

For the first and only time, the players ignored Daly’s pleas. Five more minutes of high-octane basketball followed, with Ewing and Robinson grinding in the post, Barkley and Malone wrestling for the boards, Bird angling for the perimeter dagger, and Magic controlling tempo. Yet it was Jordan who had the last word, with a melodious display of basketball trickery that Gavitt would later mantain was the most amazing five minutes of basketball he’d ever seen. […]Jordan recalled[…]”It was the most fun I’ve ever had playing basketball”

* questo è chiaramente un errore: Mullin giocava a Golden State, quindi sarebbe dovuto scendere in campo con l’Ovest. Inoltre Barkley era nelll’estate di passaggio Philadelphia-Phoenix, probabile fosse schierato ad est. Così i due quintetti sono meglio assortiti, e si può immaginare il duello Malone-Barkley di cui si parla in seguito.

(Brano tratto da “When the game was ours”)

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